Army of One

Army of One

They left her for dead. Big mistake.Feb. 18, 2021United States87 Min.N/A
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Movie Synopsis & Review

Dillion (Matt Passmore, Saw, 13 Reasons Why) and his partner Frank (Alan Moore) follow a group of masked assassins into an abandoned house. Dillon manages, Frank does not. After that, he and his wife Brenner (Ellen Hollman, Love and Monsters, The Matrix 4) decide to go camping. Almost immediately on the road, they get into trouble from a cattle named Butch (Gary Casper, Redwood Massacre: Annihilation). This escalates into a confrontation at the diner with Butch and several of his friends. However, the diner mistress Mama (Geraldine Singer, Darlene, Get Out) breaks her down before she gets too far.

Of course, this is not the end. In the forest, Dillion and Brenner encounter an illegal weapons operation. They were seized, shot, and their bodies were thrown into a ditch. Butch and his team are about to learn the hard way: If you’re going to shoot the first female ranger in the army, you better make sure you kill her.

Director Stephen Durham has a background in the horror genre: he directed Abby Grace and has produced films such as The Darkness Within and The Butchers. The screenplay was co-written with Mary Ann Barnes, who wrote for Tim Allen’s The Last Standing Man, David Dittlinger (Grace Abbey) and Army of One star Ellen Hollman.

Given how many low-budget action films I’ve seen misinterpret the simple revenge plot, the creative team’s lack of experience with the genre worried me a little. I shouldn’t have done this, Army of One is all about chaos in the tradition of old school revenge movies like Gator Bait and the original I Spit On Your Grave.

Even though she doesn’t have the budget to stage massive action scenes, Army of One has tons of bodies to throw at our heroine. And so, there are a lot of fights, chases, shootings, wounds, piercing. The film moves and doesn’t get hung up on conversations – a mistake many films like this make.

It also ensures that the villains are totally hated. In addition to using weapons and general bloodlust, they keep several women in cages. This leads to complications and plot twists in the final act, when Brenner tries to help one of them, Emily (Kendra Carelli, Blood Ballet , Custom Servant), to escape.

Ellen Hollman does a great job of playing Brenner. She has a fit, athletic look that makes her more believable than many women I’ve seen in similar roles. She looks convincingly kicking ass to most of the guys she wrestles with. However, she looks too light and lacks the muscle mass to kick some of the 6-inch 4-foot 300-pound babbas she bumps into so easily.

Army of One
Army of One
Original title Army of One
IMDb Rating 5.2 1,942 votes

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